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Skutt Element for KM822

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Обычная цена: 44,00 $

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SELECT WHICH ELEMENTS YOU NEED WHEN ADDING TO YOUR CART. All elements sold at KilnParts.com are original factory elements made by Skutt. The element package contains; one element, straight pins, two replacement porcelain insulators and printed instructions.

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Обычная цена: 44,00 $

Special Price 41,80 $

  • Подробности

    Wiring Diagram for KM1222, KM1022, KM822 Single and Three Phase

    Element Installation Instruction Sheet

    Replacing an element in Skutt Kilns – Instructions from KilnParts.com – Includes Pictures

    Changing an Element

    All elements sold at KilnParts.com are original factory elements made by Skutt Ceramics, Inc. These are NOT after market elements. The element package contains; one element, two crimp on barrell connectors, straight pins, one replacement porcelain insulator and printed instructions.

    If your firing times are taking longer than they used to or you are almost reaching temperature but getting an "ERR1" message on your automatic Skutt kiln it's probably time to change your elements.

    A few signs your elements need to be replaced:
    - The coils that make up your elements are slumped over and bunched up in the brick channels.
    - The resistance of your elements is more than 1.5 ohms over the factor spec. For information about how to test resistance download this PDF. Once you know that take a look at the KM Resistance and the KS Resistance sheets.
    - You can see a visible break in an element.
    - Your automatic kiln shows an "ERR1" after firing but comes very close to it's target temperature.

    If you're not sure whether or not your kiln needs new elements take a few minutes to watch some videos about diagnossing common kiln problems here.

    If you prefer to read about diagnostic tests take a look at our PDF library here. You will find useful information in the "Diagnostic Tests" and "Troubleshooting" sections.

    Voltage, Phase and Position Skutt Part Numbers KilnParts.com Part Numbers
    240V 1/3PH Top/Bottom 3250 1000064
    240V 1/3PH Center 3251 1000065
    208V 1/3PH Top/Bottom 3252 1000066
    208V 1/3PH Center 3253 1000067


    KM822 - All Voltages
    Element Type Position (top down) Quantity Required
    Top/Bottom 1,5 2
    Center 2,3,4 3


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