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SELECT A BRICK TYPE FROM THE PRODUCT PAGE OR WHEN ADDING TO YOUR CART. If your kiln brick is damaged and needs to be replaced use these original factory replacement bricks. Bricks are not glued in and can be removed once the band around the kiln is loosened.

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  • Details Part Numbers
    1000373 - Straight Brick
    1000374 - Peep Brick
    1000375 - Terminal Brick
    1000376 - Terminal Brick (OLD STYLE)
    1000377 - Thermocouple Brick
    1000378 - Kiln Sitter Brick (OLD STYLE)
    1000379 - Kiln Sitter Brick
    Skutt Part Numbers
    0262 - Straight Brick
    0264 - Peep Brick
    1528 - Terminal Brick
    0265 - Terminal Brick (OLD STYLE)
    1535 - Thermocouple Brick
    0267 - Kiln Sitter Brick (OLD STYLE)
    0453 - Kiln Sitter Brick
    3” Thick Part Numbers Part Numbers
    1000382 - Straight Brick
    1000383 - Peep Brick
    1000384 - Terminal Brick
    1000385 - Terminal Brick (OLD STYLE)
    1000386 - Thermocouple Brick
    1000387 - Kiln Sitter Brick (OLD STYLE)
    1000388 - Kiln Sitter Brick
    Skutt Part Numbers
    1406 - Straight Brick
    1408 - Peep Brick
    1529 - Terminal Brick
    1412 - Terminal Brick (OLD STYLE)
    1536 - Thermocouple Brick
    1410 - Kiln Sitter Brick (OLD STYLE)
    0454 - Kiln Sitter Brick

    Skutt Straight Grooved Brick   Skutt Peep Brick   Skutt Peep Brick
    Straight Brick   Peep Brick   Kiln Sitter Brick*
    Striaght Bricks make up the bulk of the bricks in any kiln. Straight Bricks do not have any holes or angeled channels.   Peep Bricks are standard straight bricks that have a tapered hole in them for a peep plug.   Kiln Sitter Bricks are standard Terminal Bricks with a hole drilled for a kiln sitter tube to pass through. Thermocouple bricks also have holes that allow the element pigtails to pass through. For non KM kilns only.
    Skutt Terminal Brick   Skutt Thermocouple Brick    
    Terminal Brick* _____ Thermocouple Brick* _____  
    Terminal Bricks have a special angled grove to make the transition from the bottom wrap to the top wrap. Terminal bricks also have holes that allow the element pigtails to pass through.   Thermocouple Bricks are standard Terminal Bricks with a 1/2" diamater hole drilled for a thermocuple. Thermocouple bricks also have holes that allow the element pigtails to pass through. For KM kilns only.    

    * There are two types of Terminal, Thermocouple and Kiln Sitter bricks (Old Style or Standard). Skutt changed the way the element pigtails pass through the bricks many years ago, so if you are replacing bricks in a very old kiln you may need Old Style bricks. If your kiln has a KM or KS code as part of the model number you do NOT need Old Style bricks.

    If the holes drilled in the sheet metal for the element pigtails are in a straight line you need OLD STYLE bricks, but if the holes are staggered you need standard bricks.


    How do I know if I should repalce a damaged brick?

    Replacing a broken brick can extend the life our your elements because the elements are supported by the bricks and as the elements get hot they also get softer and can sag if not supported. If the damage to the brick is above the element channel it is not normally necessary to replace it unless the damage is severe. If the damage is below the element channel it is advisable to replace the brick before the element is damaged.

    Do I need to replace my element(s) if I replace a brick(s)?

    It depends. If your elements are fairly new they are probably still flexible enough to carefully remove from the channels and then replace them when you are finished replacing the broken brick. If your elements are older they will probably be too brittle to remove and replace. Elements get brittle after being fired multiple times so if you are unsure, it's best to have the elements on hand before you start replacing bricks so you do not have to order them separately.

    In order to replace terminal bricks (the bricks with pigtails running through them into the control box) you will need to remove the element completely. If you are repalcing a terminal brick you will need a new element unless the kiln is a PK model with removable element connectors. Element connectors used on non-PK Skutt Kilns can't be removed and need to be cut to be removed.

    Our recommendation is to always have an element on hand when replacing bricks since it is very easy to inadvertently break an element.

    Take a look at the two PDF files linked just above the embedded video below for more information and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

    Replacing a Brick in Skutt Kilns – Instructions from Skutt

    Replacing a Brick in Skutt Kilns – Instructions from – Includes Pictures

    Changing a Brick in a Skutt Kiln

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