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Skutt Digital Pyrometer with Thermocouple

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

Regulärer Preis: 130,00 $

Special Price 123,50 $


Cone 10 Digital pyrometer.

Regulärer Preis: 130,00 $

Special Price 123,50 $

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    This Pyrometer comes with a Type K thermocouple, thermocouple mounting block, 5 feet of thermocouple wire, and a pyrometer flange for mounting the thermocouple to the kiln. The Pyrometer comes with a case that can be mounted to the wall. It also has a flip out back so that it can be set on a table or shelf. Since it is “Dual Input”, you can purchase an additional thermocouple package and monitor two kilns. It even remembers the minimum and maximum temperatures recorded in a firing. It is rated to Cone 10 with a plus or minus 0.4% of reading accuracy.


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