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Welcome to, your source when you need parts or just help fixing your kiln


All the PDF files linked on this page are taken from or from training literature made available by Skutt Kilns. All files are PDF and require Adobe Acrobat reader.

  Skutt Repair Training Manual
  Electrical Theory and Safety  
  Skutt Service Training Manual   Electrical Theory and Safety   Electrical Theory and Safety - Basic Electricity   Electronic Theory and Systems  
  Download the entire 63 page repair
training manual here. If you want to
browse specific topics you can
download individual chapters
using the links on this page.
  Electrical Theory and Safety - Safety    Electrical Theory and Safety - Basic Electricity   Electrical Theory and Safety - Electronic Theory and Systems   
  Diagnostic Tests  
   Automatic Kiln (KM) Visual Inspection   Testing Amperage on a Skutt Kiln     Testing Resistance on a Skutt Kiln    Testing Voltage on a Skutt Kiln  
  Automatic Kiln (KM) Visual Inspection   Testing Amperage   Testing Resistance   Testing Voltage  
   Testing Zone Control on a Skutt Kiln              
  Testing Zone Control              
   Methodology and Example of Skutt Kiln troubleshooting    Skutt Flowchart - Blank Display   Skutt Flowchart - Circuit Breaker Trips     Skutt Flowchart - Controller Not Responding  
  Methodology and Example   Blank Display    Circuit Breaker Trips    Controller Not Responding   
   Skutt Flowchart - Dim Display    Skutt Flowchart - Fail Message    Skutt Flowchart - Heating Problems    Skutt Flowchart - KM Underfire  
  Dim Display   Fail Flowchart   Heating Problems   KM Underfire  
  Skutt Flowchart - KS Kiln Not Working    Skutt Flowchart - KS Kiln Overfire   Skutt Flowchart - KS Kiln Underfire   Skutt Flowchart - PF Message  
  KS Not Working     KS Overfire   KS Underfire     PF Flowchart    
   Skutt Flowchart - Temperature Flucuates              
   Temperature Flucuates              
  Electrical Specifications  
   Skutt KM (Automatic) Kiln Electrical Specifications   Skutt KM (Automatic) Kiln Element Resistance     Skutt KS (Manual) Kiln Element Resistance    Skutt Old kiln model cross reference  
  KM (Automatic) Kiln Electrical Specifications   KM (Automatic) Element Resistance    KS (Manual) Element Resistance     Old kiln model crosss reference sheet   
   Skutt PK (Production Kiln) Electrical Specifications              
  PK (Production Kiln) Electrical Specifications  ____   ____   ____